I have a belief: Only a perfectly understood user makes a happy customer – and successful long-term products match real needs. So I combine my background in user experience design (UX) and marketing to guide companies towards this goal. In digital businesses, UX and marketing usually overlap almost completely and it is very important to me to convey to the key people: UX and marketing are the core of the corporate philosophy and should be the center of our actions from the first idea on.

If you want to find out how I learned what and why, you need to do a bit of reading.

The passion my mentor expressed for marketing at the commercial academy in Innsbruck woke and inspired me. Under his leadership, I intensively engaged with the global marketing challenges of SMBs for two years and together with my team we completed a franchise concept, winning the first prize in the Austrian competition “Jugend Innovativ”. At the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt I then studied very classic business administration. However, I just had to immediately go into practice with fellow online journalism students: We established the egregious student magazine „darmspiegel“, which was published first as an e-paper and later as a monthly print edition. Our magazine-like book „nachts in Darmstadt” was sold out within a short time. Since journalists usually boast of their lack of skill in math I had to manage the business. I liked the work under deadline pressure. Founding „Herznote Publishing“ some of us next tested a global online collaboration with 180 contributors for a multilingual, opulent “bookazine” with global distribution. CIRCUS touched the boundaries between the then aspiring fashion blogs, print media and the newly born iPad magazines – for that we received the LEAD Award in the category “Newcomer of the Year”. My newcomer of the year, however, was at the time our first son.

I remained true to publishing even after graduation, as an author. By the end of 2011 my book „Apps erfolgreich verkaufen“ was published by Hanser publishing. The idea for the first App Marketing Guide in German came to me when researching for my bachelor thesis “iPad App Pricing – a decision-oriented approach”.

For that, I could draw on my years of experience in the Deutsche Börse AG: As an app manager I designed and tested user experience and app store strategies from 2008 to 2015. I led the flagship app of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange from concept to most downloaded finance app in Germany. For the Deutsche Börse AG, I also developed a social media strategy and provided my services as a marketing technology consultant for many other web projects of the group.

Meanwhile, I no longer live in Frankfurt, but moved back to my home Innsbruck. There I first had to fulfil my civilian service obligations, so I was racing in an ambulance for nine months to all sorts of (strange) places, dudes and scenarios. Also, I have to look after my three children in all matters relating to LEGO, mountain adventures, changing diapers or the cooking of scrambled eggs. The counseling of small and large app projects in UX and marketing issues has ever since been pure relaxation contrast.

My curiosity about people and what motivates them has probably been what always let me look the left, right, up and down. Each single venture of the past years, each piece of the large puzzle of my colorful career let me learn: It’s the customer’s needs that counts. And the best marketing is a perfect product.

Foto: Stanislav Müller – lifedraft.de (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)